President of the Republic – Infarmed meetings “unparalleled in any other external experience”

The President of the Republic considers that the Infarmed meetings, which bring together experts, political leaders and social partners, are held “in a political and institutional framework unparalleled in any other external experience”.

In an interview that he symbolically granted to the publication Infarmed Notícias, available today on the website of the National Medicines Authority, regarding the passage of a year on the “meetings at Infarmed”, on March 24, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa stressed the importance of these meetings, where the epidemiological situation of the covid-19 pandemic in Portugal is discussed.

“These meetings had, and still have, the added value of bringing together knowledge and readings by specialists from various areas, in the same moment of exposition and reflection”, and of bringing together the head of State, the President of the Assembly of the Republic, minister and more government officials, party and parliamentary leaders and economic and social partners, “in a political and institutional framework unparalleled in any other external experience”, he stresses.

For the head of state, the meetings that take place at Infarmed’s headquarters in Lisbon constitute “a privileged moment (…) with the opportunity to ask questions and clarify doubts, and which certainly contributed to making very relevant collective decisions”.

He also highlighted the role of the National Medicines Authority, stating that “everything has been done in order to respond to the demands brought by the pandemic, with the need to certify new medical devices and medications within short periods, having done so without questioning the quality of the work it does ”.

In the interview, the President of the Republic speaks of all those who have been involved in the fight against covid-19, namely health professionals, the scientific community and institutions.

“Countless times (…) Portugal has already demonstrated that the rigor and quality of the work carried out by our institutions and by our scientists is not only inferior to other countries, but, with increasing frequency, it has enormous international prestige”, he stresses.

He also praised the work carried out by the different health professionals, who he says is “a source of great pride”.

“In the face of such a moment of adversity, they were able to be resilient, reorganize themselves to provide the best health care to each of the citizens, affected or not with covid-19 (…). In a word, the SNS was, once again, crucial ”, he maintains.

Regarding the vaccination process, he says that it runs with “the compatible flexibility” with the lack of vaccines, hoping that, “in the near future” this limitation will be overcome.

“In a word, against winds and tides, we will reach the defined goal, so essential for life and health, and for the economic and social challenges for all of us”, he concludes.

Challenged to leave a message to the Portuguese so that Portugal could find the path it was taking before the epidemic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa argues that “it is desirable” that everyone has the notion that, “even when the situation changes”, the contribution of each one will have to be another.

“Everyone will be asked to think and act differently, to adapt to the new reality, but to have hope, and, more than that, confidence in building our future”, he stresses.

Asking the question “if you could choose your greatest ambition for the journey that has now begun”, he said: “May Portugal remain on the path of democracy, and be more ambitious in the face of the challenges of being less unequal, more cohesive, more just, and, for that, more competitive, stronger economically, and, therefore, more resilient and prepared for the adversities that it will face ”.

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