The District Civil Protection Commission of Faro met extraordinarily today, August 10, following Order No. 7130-C / 2019, issued by His Excellency the Minister of Internal Affairs, who declared the Alert Situation in Civil Protection Basic Law (LBPC), Law No. 27/2006, of July 3, as amended (Law No. 80/2015, of August 3), for the period between 23:59 hours of August 09 and 23:59 hours of August 21, 2019, for the whole territory of mainland Portugal.

This meeting, preceded by the extraordinary meeting of the District Operational Coordination Centre (CCOD) and the consultation of the Municipal Civil Protection Services (SMPC) of the Region, aimed to assess the state of play on fuel supply in the Region as well as determination of monitoring measures of the impacts associated with this situation.

Considering the current state of play in the Region, which was found to be normal, with few exceptions, it was unanimously decided not to propose the activation of the District Civil Protection Emergency Plan (PDEPC), as no criteria for the effect.

The CDPC also decided, in keeping with current monitoring, to request the Municipal Civil Protection Services (SMPC) to monitor the situation of fuels in the Strategic Network of Gas Stations (REPA).

In order to maintain safety levels and public normality, the CDPC advises all citizens not to resort to Jerry cans to cope with this period of Energy Crisis, remembering that improper or irresponsible use of this equipment may cause danger to property and humans. It also points out that it is prohibited to store liquid fuels because of the risk of vapour release and ignition, and that there are limits to the amount of fuel to be carried in Jerry cans in a private car. In addition to the safety procedures that the situation requires, the CDPC appeals to common sense, public tranquillity, and preventive behaviours.

The CDPC will continue to monitor the situation through the CCOD and will meet, if necessary, taking appropriate action at any given time.

Safe Communities Portugal attended the CDPC meeting and raised the issue concerning the transportation and storage of fuel