The President of the National Civil Protection Authority (ANPC) has not yet been officially released from service by the Prime Minister despite offering his resignation on October 18 “with immediate effect. To the surprise of some ANPC staff members, Joaquim Leitão “is still on duty and doing daily dispatches,” according to Diarios de noticais.

“Despite the sense of mission and service that motivated me to take up this challenge, I feel that I have not met the conditions necessary to keep me as president of this noble house. For the same constraints of conscience and duty to the country, I request the termination of my service commission, with immediate effect, “Joaquim Leitão wrote in his resignation request.

No less surprising is the presence of the National Operational Commander (CONAC) of Colonel Albino Tavares, who in the report of the Independent Technical Commission is criticized for his role as coordinator of operations during the fires of Pedrógão Grande. Albino Tavares, who was appointed in the interim, by the former Minister of Internal Administration, is referred to as having ordered the communications operators not to register any more alerts on the ANPC time tape for “excess information.”

The delay in replacing these leaders is causing growing concern among some ANPC leaders. “There are several decisions that have to be taken as soon as possible, under the risk that the plans will not be prepared in time for the summer of 2018,” said one of these sources, highlighting “the case of air transport: the tenders should be launched this month!

The reform of the “organic model” of the ANPC is one of 43 proposals that the CDS sent Thursday to the prime minister. Assunção Cristas asked António Costa to “respond with fairness and speed to the victims of the fires and ensure a rapid reconstruction of the productive fabric”.