10th APRIL 1400 HRS

In an interview with TVI’s “Você na TV” program this Friday, António Costa stated that if the country is managing to control the Covid-19 cases, it is because the restrictions are being complied with by the Portuguese.

He added says that it is necessary to continue, at least for now, recognizing the efforts of the Portuguese who, even before the enforcement of the State of Emergency, accepted the measures of social restraint.

At this moment, the Prime Minister understands that “it would be a wrong signal for the country to lift the State of Emergency”, clarifying that it is an initiative of the President of the Republic, which he should propose next week.

Costa acknowledges that “it is the most difficult moment, when the signs of fatigue and the costs of stopping are starting to be felt harder”, but he also warns that the risk of easing control woul see the cases rise.

As for a second wave, he understands that it is real and even considers himself “pessimistic” because as long as a vaccine does not exist, the virus will continue to circulate.

António Costa also revealed that he never got tested for the new coronavirus because he understands that “tests should be used when they are necessary” and having had no symptoms nor contact with people of risk, he reveals it would be something that would only satisfy his curiosity fleetingly.