On 17th September the Loures Division of PSP Lisbon Metropolitan Command arrested three men between 21 and 31 years old, suspected of drug trafficking and possession of a prohibited weapon.

One of the detainees was arrested as a result of an arrest warrant issued by the judicial authority.

In The course of the investigations launched and following a planned police operation, it was possible locate and seize the following: 2 automatic firearms cal. 9 mm; an automatic rifle, cal. 5,56 mm; a .22 pistol; a ballistic vest; 168 calibre rounds. 22; 150 rounds, cal. 9 mm; 17 rounds, cal. 5,56 mm; 25 rounds, cal. 12; 2 precision balances; 9232 doses of hashish; 2661 doses of marijuana; 41 doses of cocaine; 17 grams of mdma and  EUR 1050 in cash.

The Detainees will be present at the judicial court of the north, the core of Loures, for the purposes of 1th judicial interrogation.