The PSP arrested more than 19,000 people between June and September, during the “Summer safe” operation, and the more crimes detected driving with excess alcohol and lack of legal authority in a statement today (19th September.

The operation was held between June 15 and September 15, across the country,. The PSP said that they stopped 11,800 drivers for excess alcohol, 1,500 for not having legal authorization to drive and 1,300 for drug trafficking. The Public Security Police also reports that 611 people were arrested for theft, 315 for illegal gun possession and 213 for other theft.

The PSP also seized more than 1.1 million drug doses, 380 bladed weapons, 306 firearms and nearly 160,000 kg of explosives.

During the summer months, the PSP has checked more than 12,700 homes, ensuring safety residences during the holidays of the owners, and delivered around 126,000 bracelets for children under the “Program Here I am!”.