On 25th and 26th June the Metropolitan Command PSP Lisbon arrested in Lisbon Bairro da Boavista, two men for residential robbery using a firearm. 

In the robbery the victim was assaulted at the entrance of his home by three men who posed as police officers, using vests and badges with the word “police” and exhibiting a firearm, taking the keys to the property.

Once inside the residence and in the presence of a second victim, the suspects searched the house for valuables They took about € 7,500, without the victims offered any resistance, who were handcuffed.

One of the victims however managed to shout for help near a window resulting in a violent assault by the suspects who escaped using a car.

Responding to the alert PSP teams from the  Division of Criminal Investigation PSP Lisbon located in Bairro da Boavista the vehicle used in the escape together with the two occupants.

When police approach a suspect managed to flee but was subsequently caught. In the vehicle a total of € 2750 in cash was found.

Later it was possible to identify the two suspects, one of them having been arrested on the 26th June, during three house searches conducted  in the neighborhood of Boavista.

The two detainees are also suspected of committing other offenses of the same nature. The PSP are conducting further investigations to link them with other crimes.


Detainees were present in the Criminal Court of Lisbon, for custodial proceedings pending trial.