The Azores PSP Regional Command, through the Ponta Delgada Police Division Criminal Investigation Squad, on 9 October, arrested 2 suspects in the act of committing drug trafficking, having been seized 30 pounds of hashish.

Following investigations carried out by the Anticrime Brigade of the Ponta Delgada Criminal Investigation Police Station, which had been going on for some time and which has intensified over the past week, it was possible to detect and apprehend in Arrifes parish, 30 kgs of hashish, which were cut into small portions and would be sufficient for approximately 60,000 individual doses for consumption.

It was estimated that this would have a street value in the order of 100,000 euros.

Following the first judicial interrogation to which the detainees were subjected, pre-trial measures were applied to both defendants, and one of them will await the further terms of the pre-trial detention process.

Several police officers from the Ponta Delgada Police Division Criminal Investigation Squad were engaged in this operation with the close collaboration of the Cinotécnico Operational Group belonging to the High Force of the Special Police Unit in the Azores.