The PSP police has launched its child safety bracelets scheme. The aim of this is that by wearing a bracelet should a child go missing and is found the finder can contact the police and through giving the special code on the bracelet the child can be reunited with their parents. The bracelets are available at all 7 PSP stations in the Algarve and work in any country in Europe with a 112 emergency number.

It is recommended that the bracelets be worn for those up to the age of 12 years, whether the child is a tourist, visitor or resident. The bracelets are available until 30th September 2014. Upon issuing the bracelet, the details of the child and parents can be registered on the data base at the police station or later on-line. Some 30,000 have been issued to date.

Bracelets are being handed out at airports by the PSP on a periodic basis.