The Public Security Police announced on 31st March that it destroyed 3,123 firearms and blank weapons on 30th March, totalling more than 6,000 guns destroyed this year by the security force.

In a statement, the PSP said that the destroyed weapons were declared as lost in favour of the State in the context of criminal, administrative or administrative proceedings, after having been seized in police operations carried out by the police throughout the country.

According to PSP, they also integrated the batch of destroyed weapons, those voluntarily delivered to the State by the owners.

This year marks the second time that PSP has carried out a destruction action in the Lisbon area, with a total of 6,252 firearms and blank weapons.

The PSP will continue the national plan for the management of the seizure of weapons seized or voluntarily delivered, carrying out, on April 12, in Oporto, the third action of destruction, involving the commands of the Public Security Police of the north of the country.