Seizure of more than 7,000 doses of narcotics, firearms, nine vehicles and 66,000 euros in cash.

On 9th February the Public Security Police of the Metropolitan Command of Porto, through the Division of Criminal Investigation and the Special Police Unit, the Intervention Corps and Cinotécnico (Dog) Task Force, conduction an operation targeting a wide range of suspects who were dedicated to drug trafficking in the metropolitan area of ​​Porto.

The operation involved carrying out 47 house searches and three domicile searches located in areas of the cities of Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia resulting in:


Twenty three held between the ages of 24 and 64 years of age.


– Hashish enough for about 7,249 individual doses;

– Cocaine enough for about 112 individual doses;

– Marijuana for about 23 individual doses;

– Cash € 66,000;

– 57 pieces of jewellery;

– Six motor vehicles;

– 50 mobile phones;

– Two firearms;

– 394 rounds of ammunition of various calibres;

– Other items used in the direct sale of drugs.

During the investigation, which began about two years ago, six people had already been arrested.

The detainees will appear before the Judicial Authorities.