In Guimarães, Braga district, PSP detained two 19-year-olds for counterfeiting and seized five counterfeit 100-euro notes.

In a statement, PSP said that the suspects, with counterfeit 100-euro notes, went to shops and obtained low-value goods, paying with the counterfeit and receiving the amount corresponding to the change.

In each situation they caused a monetary loss of about 95 euros to the merchant.

After learning that several counterfeit currency situations were occurring, PSP detained the suspects and seized five counterfeit 100-euro notes, in addition to 740 euros and a mobile phone.

“Later, as a result of further enquiries in the vicinity of the shops where this took place, two more suspects were identified and a car seized,” the statement added.

The detainees will be taken to the Judicial Court of Guimarães for the first interrogation and application of bail conditions.