As part of the 1st Quarterly National Operation, which took place on March 10, 2017, elements of the PSP’s Private Security Department (PSD) inspection teams proceeded to hold a company responsible for installing and setting up security alarms in various goldsmiths, throughout the country without the necessary permits.

Police officers, strategically placed at the company’s headquarters and in several gold and similar buying and selling establishments, found that the company was allegedly operating and managing alarm signals without having a permit to do so.

The inspection carried out by the DSP also found the alarm installation company was using a permit of an authorized entity using an internet connection, even though most of the alarms did not result in any response, deceiving the customers that contracted them.

The fraudulent scheme described above should result, in addition to criminal liability, in the administrative cancellation of the license and in the civil liability of both entities, since most of the clients considered themselves protected which was not the case.

It should be noted that the operation, management and monitoring of alarm signals can only be carried out by companies holding license C, duly licensed by the Ministry of Internal Administration, through the Public Security Police.