The PSP of Porto detained 17 people, between Friday night and Saturday morning, (10th/11th March 2017) as part of a crime-fighting and road-monitoring operation, in which it detected 161 drivers for speeding.

In a statement, PSP said that the operation took place between 10 pm on Friday and 9 am on Saturday in the city of Porto.

According to police, seven people were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, eight for alleged drug trafficking, one for possession of pyrotechnic articles and another for disobedience.

The eight arrests made for drug trafficking resulted from an operation carried out in downtown Porto, with hashish, ecstasy, amphetamines, cocaine and liamba in an amount sufficient for about 228, 126, 104, 31 and three individual doses, respectively.

In the area of ​​road surveillance, PSP checked 1512 vehicles by radar, 161 of which were speeding.

Police also inspected 250 drivers and their vehicles, with 242 drivers being tested for alcohol in their blood.

In this action PSP also seized two firecrackers and five documents of vehicles, as well as registered 198 infractions to the Code of the Road and other road legislation.