On 28th July the Lisbon Metropolitan Command PSP, through the Police Division Amadora in an operation to prevent and suppress crime, arrested three men, aged between 19:33 years of age for trafficking in drugs and theft.

In the course of a 3 month investigation, it was found that many people were entering the neighbourhood of the Bairro da Estrada Militar – Amadora to acquire drugs. In a parallel investigation which was carried out concerning robberies in the road, through snatching a group was identified at the CP-Santa Cruz Damaia Station.

The PSP deployed agents in order to intercept the suspects and conduct home searches where the following was seized: 11,678 Product Doses narcotic suspected Hashish; 3357.6 Product Doses narcotic suspected marijuana; 230g product narcotic suspected Ecstasy; 50 Product Doses narcotic drug suspected to be cocaine; 3 Rifles; one pistol; 11 x .12 calibre cartridges; 5 Mobile phones; 2 Precision balances and € 3940 in cash.

One of the arrested defendants was present at 1st examination and was remanded in prison.

The remaining defendants, with a criminal record for committing a number of crimes, will be present today with the Amadora Court to be applied to them as coercion.