The Metropolitan Command of the PSP of Lisbon, through the Police Division of Loures, on October 26, arrested four men and one woman, aged between 24 and 37 years, for the crime of Trafficking in Narcotics.

Following a 10-month investigation at the Criminal Investigation Station of the Police Division of Loures, PSP unleashed a police operation to stop the criminal activities of a group that, being responsible for the smuggling of narcoticst into Portugal by land, was engaged in drug trafficking in the counties of Odivelas, Lisbon and Sintra.


Throughout the investigation, it was found that this criminal group operated with a high level of organization, even with a well defined hierarchy, and its leader was responsible for the transportation and introduction into the national territory of the narcotic product.

The remaining members of the group were responsible for their distribution and direct sales to the consumer.

In January of this year, and in pursuit of several investigative lines, the Criminal Investigation Station of the Police Division of Loures had already arrested a member of this group, who was responsible for trafficking the narcotics into the Municipality of Odivelas.

At the time, the detainee was in possession of approximately 15,200 individual doses of Hashish, and the coercive measure of pre-trial detention was applied after the judicial interrogation at the Judicial Court of Loures.

As a result of these 5 arrests, four home searches and four non-domiciliary searches were carried out in the Lisbon and Sintra Counties, and it was possible to apprehend:

– 33,197 doses of Hashish;

– 3 vehicles;

– € 16 200 (sixteen thousand and two hundred euros);

– Other articles used in the preparation of the narcotic product.

The 5 detainees, with a criminal record of the same type of crime, were present for judicial interrogation at the Torres Vedras Court, and the most severe pre-trial detention measure was applied to 4 detainees and the daily attendance at the Police Station of residence to 1 detained.

One of the detainees already had a warrant of detention for 3 years and 6 months in prison for the same type of crime, which was complied with.