On 13th October the Lisbon Metropolitan Police Command through the division of criminal investigation, with the collaboration of the special operations group, conducted an operation between 1700 and 1800 hrs in the area of Telheiras and Amadora

This followed a 6 month investigation and resulted in the arrest of two men, aged 47 and 33 years suspected of trafficking in drugs.

The Detainees were the main responsible for the supply of narcotic drug, particularly heroin, in the area of greater Lisbon.
Following investigation and after collection of all the available information, the PSP concluded that a transaction would take place involving a large quantity of drugs between the two detainees. The operation was planned to apprehend them during the transaction.

Following a house search the following was seized:

  • EUR 76.300 in cash;
    • 42 kgs of heroin about 423.000 single doses

    One of the detainees has a criminal record for a similar crime. They have appeared before appropriate court and have been placed in custody.