On 29th August the PSP Metropolitan Command of the Public Security Police, no 3 Division, arrested a person aged 51 years at Rua 12 do Bairro Calçada dos Mestres – for drug possession.

During the inspection of a motor vehicle by PSP agents, it was found that his driver had a nervous attitude, and suspecting that could have something illegal, the agents conducted a search and found the person in possession of the following material:

407 product doses of narcotic suspected Hashish; and

14 product doses of narcotic drug suspected to be heroin.

Following investigations carried out, a house search was conducted and the following found and seized:

1 alarm gun with six rounds of ammunition;

1 batoon;

1 precision scale;

4 bladed weapons;

5 product doses of narcotic drug suspected to be cocaine;

4 doses of a narcotic suspected Hashish; and

1.38 grams of product suspected Cannabis.

The suspect was present during the day in DIAP of Lisbon, 1 for judicial interrogation, and has been order to make weekly reporting to police.