The Lisbon Metropolitan Command PSP, through the Environmental Protection Brigade (BRIPA), in collaboration with the Nature Conservation Institute and Forestry (ICNF) has undertaken enforcement actions Aimed at environmental protection.

This morning another set of joint enforcement actions, directed at the traders in ivory and other animal substances in commercial areas, located at various points in Lisbon resulted in the seizure of:

41 elephant ivory pieces;

3 turtle parts, and

2 hippopotamus horns.

The actions detected four very serious environmental offenses relating to the organization of conditions, maintenance and updating of the CITES National Register and lack of Certificates CITES (Convention on Species International Trade in Wild Fauna and Flora Wild Endangered), and the amount minimum total fines amounted to 40,000.00 euros.

Illegal trade in ivory and other animal substances is a scourge that has motivated the intervention of different authorities, taking into account the devastating impact this activity has on some species, with the Lisbon Metropolitan Command highly committed to developing surveillance activities under environmental protection and, also, contribute to awakening, increasingly, environmental awareness of citizens.