PSP Lisbon Tourism Support

Public Transports Security Division

The Lisbon Tourist Police Station is oriented for two distinct propose: helping any foreign crime victims/citizens in need, and patrolling the surrounding areas/streets. The Police officers that are part of the patrol help prevent and advise against any wrongdoing/crime carried out against foreigners (mainly in tourist sites or where there are large gathering of tourists). The police officers in customer service are prepared to handle and/or route all situations involving tourists. Helping solve any problems related to foreign citizens. All officers who are part of the Tourist Police are able to speak foreign languages.

Lisbon Tourist Police Station

This Division is a police unit whose mission is to ensure that train and subway passengers can safely use Lisbon’s Metropolitan area public transport network. On the one hand, this division ensures the safety of the passengers, in particular by preventing any sort of misconduct or theft, and, on the other hand, it makes sure that the rules of use of transport are uphold; Patrolling the train and subway, as well as the stations, identifying suspicious passengers, addressing groups considered a potential risk, ensuring that access to public transport is done safely, and intervening whenever citizens or employees call upon them.

Cascais Tourist Police Station

The Cascais Tourist Police Station specialises in the attendance and support of foreign citizens who visit or live in  Cascais PSP area,  assisting in situations such as lost/stolen documents, addressing the issues to the embassies, consulates and touristic operators.

This tourist police station have special teams, identified as “PSP Tourist Support” wearing a light blue outfit, who patrol the touristic areas on foot, vehicle or bicycle, preventing crime and advising foreign citizens. The police officers have different language skills and special training and knowledge in international affairs.

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