The PSP is responsible for and has as a strategic priority, the execution of planned police operations specifically targeting certain areas of intervention, particularly in the area of arms control and ammunition, private security and airport security.

In 2014 there have already been nine accidents involving use of explosives/gunpowder, which has resulted in two deaths, six serious injuries and 11 minor injuries as well as damage to property.

In response to this on 13th November between 00.00 and 24.00 hrs the  PSP conducted Operation Thriller “ARMEX II,” involving police personnel at all commands and through the Centers for Firearms and Explosives (NAE’s) involving Intervention and Surveillance Officers (EIFP) and Supervisory Police Officers (EIFP/BFP).

During this operation, 46 arrests and 342 identifications of citizens were made, and 57 weapons, 203 rounds of ammunition, 27 Kg of explosives, 2 kg of hazardous material, 64 kg of gunpowder, 1605 meters of detonator cord, 256 detonators and other pyrotechnic articles were seized.

It is further noted that the Department of Weapons and Explosives of the National Directorate of PSP (DAE (DNPSP), supported by staff from the Department of Criminal Investigation / DNPSP, carried out Operation “BARN”. This was a result of an investigation of suspected arms trafficking and mediation (art. 87 of RJAM) in explosives, powders and other products / explosive substances. This resulted in three searches of premises and executed of two warrants.

As a result of Operation BARN a 69 year old male was arrested and two others identified and one light goods vehicle; four computers; three mobile phones; 64Kg of powder; 25 kg of explosives; six bars of explosive type GOMA ECO2; 1605 feet of detonating cord; 300 meters of fuse wire; 150 pyrotechnic detonators No. 8 and 51 electric detonators were seized.