From 20th to 24th July the Police Public Security (PSP), continuing their objectives to prevent road fatalities undertook Operation “Pela Vida, Trave” in various parts of the country. The operation’s objective was to monitor drivers and take action against those, who through their behaviour jeopardize road safety and put others at risk.

The operation involved 442 enforcement actions, which involved 2,860 police officers and 998 vehicles. The objectives were achieved with the following results:

Totally 21,024 vehicles were inspected 4,860 Notices of administrative offense were issued and there were 272 seizures.

Breath tests were conducted on 4,949 drivers with 70 offenses being identified.

There were 100 arrests.

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol (more than 1.2 G / G): 45 held;
  • Lack of legal authorization to drive: 32 detainees;
  • Other crimes: 23 arrested

Through radar 106,322 vehicles were checked and there were 2,371 verified violations for speeding.

  • Violations Light: 314
  • Serious Violations: 1,840
  • Very Serious Infractions: 217

There were also a total of 3,037 violations broken down as follows:

  • Lack of insurance: 47
  • Lack of inspection: 161
  • Mobile phone use while driving: 331
  • Non-use of the seat belt: 165
  • Disobeying traffic signals: 109
  • Parking in the passages marked for pedestrian crossing: 155
  • Parking on sidewalks and other places for the movement of pedestrians: 329