In the period between 00:00 and 24:00 of 9th April 2018, the Public Security Police, through its usual operational activity, carried out at the national level:

  1. a) 56 arrests for various reasons, including 14 for drug trafficking, 13 for driving with excess alcohol, 11 court orders and 5 for driving without legal authorization for this purpose;
  2. b) The seizure of 3 firearms and 2 blank weapons;
  3. c) Seizure of approximately 1,380 drug doses, as well as 58 plants and 24 boxes of Cannabis seeds;
  4. d) The seizure of 1 car in connection with the commission of crimes.

In the same period, the Public Security Police registered 177 accidents, of which 41 were slightly injured and 5 seriously injured.