The PSP have announced on 20th July that since 15th June when they began Operation Safe Summer 2015 – Police Always Present, nationwide, they have deployed over 15,000 police, 5,000 police vehicles and mounted over 2,000 enforcement operations.

To date more than 1,300 arrests were made, including: 324 arrest warrants, 38 arrests for illegal possession of weapon, 176 detentions for drug trafficking, 16  for irregular situation in the country, 469 for driving with excess alcohol, 170 for lack of legal documentation, 55 arrests for contempt, 25 arrests for assault police including 6 by injuries, 92 larceny / theft. The Public Security Police seized 165 vehicles, 689 documents, 68 firearms, 43 knives and 831 other weapons. In addition seized were 27,500 kg of explosives and over 63,000 individual drug doses (2,716 of cocaine, 2,411 of heroin, 8,421 hashish, ecstasy and 51 698 of other drugs).

In monitoring the over 85,000 vehicles our police identified several violations which include: verification and direct assessment of 5,879 offenses and 9,307 indirect assessments, 1,241 failure to produce documents.

They have been tested around 17,500 drivers for alcohol. The following table reflects the number of offenses as to their classification in the light of the Highway Code:

Light – 1002
Graves – 4315
Very Serious – 437

Also highlight the infractions by phone misuse while driving (969), lack of inspection (651) lack of insurance (147), lack of “seat” / child restraint system (327) and 189 violations of traffic lights.

Under the Residences surveillance program this summer we watch 592 houses through the Direct Key program and a 100% success rate – no theft and / or robbery finished. The program I am Aqui® has more than 46,000 delivered and activated bracelets and highlight this particular different nationalities who have joined, on holiday in Portugal, the Program.

The PSP will continue to combine security for vacations of Portuguese citizens and our visitors, and this operation will terminate on 15 September