The Public Security Police (PSP) starts today September 12, at the national level together with the Regional Commands of Madeira and the Azores, Metropolitans of Lisbon and Porto Districts, “Operation Safe School – Academic Year 2018/2019”.

Through the Safe School Program (PES), the PSP is focused on prevention, making individual contacts, awareness-raising, demonstrations and visits to police sub-units, showing itself  increasingly, as an institution that promotes initiatives, projects and partnerships aimed at promotion values ​​of citizenship in the school community, aimed at the harmonious development of children and young people.

The PES, in its 24th year of official validity, will focus on topics such as dating violence, bullying and cyberbullying, alcohol and drug consumption, road safety and self-protection. This prevention will be undertaken through preventive actions, such as presentations / actions aimed at the adolescents, as well as for the children’s audiences through the stories “I Do as Falco Says.”

The PSP will focus on crime prevention and delinquency in and around educational establishments, as well as reinforce its presence in the home – school – homes of students, teachers, parents / guardians and auxiliaries of educational action.

In the field of road safety, special attention will be given to the safety and restraint systems of children’s vehicles (seat belts and strollers), being aware of the main risk factors (driving under the influence of alcohol and narcotics, speeding , driving without legal authorization, disrespect of pedestrian crossings, signage near schools, child restraint systems – seats), complemented by inspections at commercial establishments selling and consuming alcoholic beverages to minors in public places and places open to the public.

In the last school year, the PSP provisionally recorded a drop in the main indicators of insecurity, there being 3,110 incidents of criminal nature and 1,510 occurrences of non-criminal nature. The PSP made 12,614 awareness actions and 12 359 individual contacts.

PSP is also available to organize news reports at the start of this school year with some educational institutions, with the presence of PES teams available for recording and / or live interviews, as well as the presence in the studio for the OCS they want it.