The stadiums of Luz and José Alvalade will host the quarter-final, semi-final and Champions League games, but without the public inside.

The Public Security Police (PSP) assumed, this Tuesday, to be preparing for the ‘final to eight’ of the Champions League of football, in Lisbon, in a “different scenario from the usual”, due to the non-presence of fans in stadiums.

In a press conference, the commander of the Lisbon Metropolitan Command of the PSP, Paulo Pereira, stressed that “the security device adapts to the non-presence of the public in stadiums”, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The stadiums of Luz and José Alvalade will host the quarter-final, semi-final and Champions League games between Wednesday 11th and August 23rd.

“The operation that is being set up aims at public order, the peacefulness and security of the games and all the activities related to the game. In this way, the main points of this operation go through the hotel units, training places, the stadiums stage of the games, in its outer and inner perimeter, and, finally, the city of Lisbon, where there will be a permanent observation of all activities and accompaniment of fans “, he explained.

The PSP official explained that the approach to supporters will be “informative”, seeking to respond, “to the needs for guidance and informing about the health rules in force during the pandemic state”.

The superintendent of the Lisbon Metropolitan Command of the PSP Luís Elias reinforced that this is a “low profile operation”, since the competition takes place without the presence of a public, but he warned that there are areas to be reinforced due to this new context.

“It involves planning in a different context but concentrates on reinforced security measures. The Special Police Unit will guarantee the personal safety of the eight teams, and will focus on stadiums and training sites, but also covers spaces such as the airport in a preventative approach, to prevent public disorder and the public coming into close proximity of the team members, which may put the safety of the people involved in the tournament at risk “, it was stated.

As for the presence and movement of fans, the PSP revealed that a security perimeter will be created around the stadiums, which will control the circulation of traffic at certain times, and that at this moment it is in contact with its European counterparts to gather as much information as possible. Information regarding how many and which fans will choose to travel to Portugal to support their teams.

Roberto Domingues, commissioner of the PSP, admitted that the available information is being worked on vigorously and did not want to predict a possible number of fans expected in the Portuguese capital.

“The information we have is the result of a thorough analysis, and this information will continue to be collected throughout the tournament. The presence of foreign supporters is expected, and will arrive via air and land,” said the commissioner.

The Covid-19 pandemic forced the suspension of almost all championships, as well as European competitions, leading UEFA to decide to conclude the Champions League in an ‘eight final’, with quarterfinals, semi-finals and finals to be played at the same time.

Lisbon, with the Estádio da Luz, which will host the final on August 23, and the José Alvalade Stadium, was the city chosen to host the games in this unprecedented ‘final to eight’ tournament, which was to be held in Istambul.