The PSP have stated that the 88 kgs of hashish sized on 9th March in a garage of Ermesinde, Valongo, during the operation with the code name “Fruit of Morocco”, is worth around €2,235,000 market price.

The seizure of 88 kilograms of hashish in the town of Ermesinde is the result of the second phase of a police operation during which a search for a garage was carried out, said Commissioner Afonso Sousa of the Criminal Investigation Division (DIC) Porto, during a press conference. He added that the hashish would be enough for 447,000 doses.

Hashish was packed with a seal on which read “Fruit du Marroc” (Fruit of Morocco in French), but whose origin does not mean that it is from Morocco, as Afonso Sousa explained. He added hashish normally appears “with a label,” a denomination, “almost as a joke” that it is normal for the police to verify and cannot take that as a “consequence of being Moroccan origin.”

“The investigation focuses on what is the direct sale to the consumer. It is an investigation that began at the beginning of the year and that until now I have not been able to reach this level of information,” added the DIC commissioner of the PSP of Porto.

In addition to the seizure of 88 kilograms of hashish, PSP announced the arrest of two individuals who did not offer resistance during operations and who can now be heard by the authorities.

In a first phase of the operation, on March 3, also in Ermesinde, the DIC of the PSP of Porto had already seized seven kilograms of hashish and had arrested two men, 42 and 62 years old, who were remanded in custody.

At that stage, the PSP carried out four home and non-household searches in Ermesinde and Alfena, where it seized a motorcycle with a large displacement, a 32-caliber revolver, ammunition and utensils and tools used in the direct sale of drugs.

The PSP also announced on 10th March that it has developed a separate police operation, which also culminated on Thursday with four home searches in the neighborhoods of Biquinha and Cruz de Pau, in the municipality of Matosinhos, where two other suspects were detained. 22 and 26 years of age, and seized “two kilograms of hashish”, in addition to 900 euros in cash.