On 8th February Setúbal’s PSP detained seven people and seized 120 kilograms of hashish in a police operation to dismantle a network of traffickers that operated mainly in the Algarve, but also supplied drugs to Setúbal Peninsula.

Six of the seven suspects were detained in the Algarve region, notably in Lagoa, following eight home searches, which also had the collaboration of the GNR.

Setúbal’s PSP says it has completely dismantled a network of drug trafficking, hashish and cocaine, based in the Algarve and distribution in Setúbal.

The drug would be introduced in Portugal through Spain. The investigation, which began in January 2016 in Setúbal, culminated on Tuesday, with the capture of those caught in the act in the Algarve.

As far as possible, the suspects attempted to flee in high-octane vehicles in the area of ​​Vila Real de Santo António towards Spain. In the attempted escape, they threw the drugs through the window, but they were captured.


The operation, which culminated in an investigation by the PSP from Setúbal started about a year ago, led to the arrest of six men and one woman in their 30s and 40s.

In addition to the 120 kilograms of hashish, seven high-powered vehicles, a carbine, two shotguns, two pistols and other firearms, two bulletproof vests, gold objects, mobile phones, and about 60,000 euros , in cash.

According to Setúbal PSP commissioner Maria do Céu Viola, in July last year the police had already detained four other people, three of whom are awaiting trial in pre-trial detention, but the details were were not then released because there was still ongoing investigation .

At that time, the Setúbal PSP seized about 60 kilograms of hashish, 170 grams of cocaine and 11 thousand euros in cash.

The seven detained on Wednesday will go to the Tribunal de Setúbal in the afternoon.