The Agriculture Minister Luís Capoulas Santos announced today Tuesday (14th November) the creation of a public company for forest management, with funding in the State Budget for 2018 (OE2018).

In the discussion in the specialty of the OE2018 proposal, the minister recalled the recent approvals of the forest management entities and the incentives for forest management and announced that “it intends to go further”, reason why the Government “decided and will have expression in the Budget, a public company for the management of the forest “.

“We want the state to advance as an example and to have a more proactive attitude and that can demonstrate to civil society how it is possible to manage with the new instruments,” he said.

Capoulas Santos also mentioned the support for animal feed and added that on November 15 will begin the supply of 100 tons of sugar, through associations of beekeepers, to feed the bees during the winter.

The Minister also stated that EUR 5 million will be reserved for the restructuring of the vineyard for EUR 25 million for the restoration of the vineyards of the 41 municipalities affected by the fires.