On 14th June at 23.00hrs the PSP Metropolitan Command of Lisbon (Public Transport Division) , recovered in the Loures area two French Bulldogs, and €950 euros.

About two hours earlier, the dogs had been stolen from their owner when the owner was delivering them to the alleged buyer (the sale and delivery of the dogs had been arranged through an internet buying and selling website).

Around 21.30 hrs, the owner of the dogs reported at a police station in Lisbon that, shortly before, when delivering the dogs to the alleged buyer who was in a vehicle, the buyer was accompanied by two other suspects, who fled with the canines without payment.

The PSP started an investigation and by 23.00hrs located the dogs in the Loures area, whereupon they were returned to its owner.

The PSP provide the following advice to sellers and buyers in using online platforms,

  • Try to choose public places and avoid locations without witnesses, when making a transaction (i.e. delivery/purchase of an item
  • Do not give too much personal information. Remember that you are only with the seller to finalize the transaction;
  • Make the payment securely and preferably in cash. Avoid Bank transfers, unless you are absolutely sure about the seller’s trustworthiness.