Safe Residence Programme


The Programa Residência Segura (Safe Residence Programme) was launched by the Guarda Nacional Republicana (GNR) in the Loulé area in January 2010. David Thomas, a resident of the Algarve with some 37 policing and security experience, became involved in this Programme around April 2010, by helping the GNR promote this mainly in the Loulé area.

Since its formation in October 2011 Safe Communities Algarve has been assisting the GNR in promoting the SRP and developed a guide to help residents find out more about the program; whether it covers their area and if so how to join. This publication has been endorsed by the Commander of the GNR Faro District who is responsible for GNR policing in the Algarve.

Safe Communities Algarve’s role in accordance with our protocol with the GNR , is to help promote the program, and help and encourage residents to join the scheme. It does this through this website, through Facebook, our newsletter and through various seminars, displays and other events. It is also a topic of discussion in our regular meetings with GNR Commanders.


The SRP was launched in Alfeicao, Loulé in January 2010 following a number of violent indoor residential robberies targeted mainly against foreign householders in this area. The idea arose from discussions held between concerned village residents and the GNR on how best to respond to this rise in crime, through closer engagement between the community and the GNR.

Following these discussions the GNR in Loulé took the initiative to form a dedicated team with English speaking personnel exclusively to develop the program.

The aim of the Programme was to provide a faster means of response to emergencies by the GNR through using maps, GPS coordinates and through the numbering of households in the villages concerned.

Residents in other villages also volunteered their services, and within the first few months of operation, other villages including Vale de Telheiro, Poco Geraldo, Cruz Do Assumada and Alfontes had joined the scheme. As of October 2016 the Programme had grown to some 36 villages in the Loulé area covering around 3000 households.

The outcome of the Loulé “experiment” proved very positive, resulting in a greater sense of security among residents, much faster response times to emergencies and a decrease in household crime in the areas concerned.

Given its success the programme has been further developed and now operates throughout all six GNR divisions in the Algarve namely: Portimão, Albufeira, Silves, Loulé, Faro and Tavira under the coordination of the regional GNR headquarters in Faro. As at October 2016 it covered over 7000 households.

As the SRP is still developing and it is expected that more general updates will become available in due course. These will be published on this webpage so residents can keep up to date with developments. Please include in your bookmarks or register to receive further updates from Safe Communities Algarve on its home page. Contact details can be found on each GNR Divisional page.

Between 14th to 19th February 2017 the GNR conducted a national campaign as part of their Safe Residence Program, patrolling with the residential areas reminded citizens about the security procedures to adopt to prevent thefts at houses.

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Details of how the SRP is being developed and implemented, how it operates in practice and where to obtain more details can be found by downloading the following:

Faro Police Division includes:

  • Faro
  • Olhao
  • Tavira
  • V R S Antonio

Portimao Police Division includes:

  • Lagos
  • Portimao

Faro Airport Division: