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The Sistema Queixa Electronica is a service provided by the Ministério da Administração Interna to facilitate the presentation to the GNR, PSP and the SEF of complaints and reports electronically for certain types of crime; the list is defined in Ordinance no. No 1593/2007 of 17 December . The crimes are shown below. Individuals may lodge a complaint, duly identified, domestic or foreign residents in Portugal or present in the country. It covers the whole of Portugal both towns and in rural areas.

The system is not intended to respond to emergency situations or those where the immediate response forces or security services is needed, particularly when the crime is still being committed. In this case you should immediately contact the National Emergency Number – 112. For crimes not covered by the Electronic Complaint System, citizens should continue to address or contact the nearest police authority. To facilitate the filing of the complaint provided by you, brief information of the statutory provision (penal code) is provided to which the crime relates.

The filing of these crime complaints online has benefits in vastly reducing the amount of time in having to make the crime complaint at a police station and helps relieve the pressure on police staff in processing complaints at the police station whilst the complainant is kept waiting. Please note that within 48 hours of making the on-line complaint you still need to visit the police station for the purpose of producing and confirming your identity, but this is a far quicker and simpler process.

The following steps in completing the fields are properly marked. For some of the crimes listed, such as theft or Simple Physical Integrity (minor assault), the prosecution relies on a complaint personally by the victim or his legal representative to enable the Prosecutor to conduct the prosecution. In public crimes (such as domestic violence or the facilitation of illegal immigration) any citizen can file a complaint. In both cases, referral to the competent authority takes place only after validation and confirmation of the identity of the person using the system, and subject treatment in the same way that a complaint directly to a force or security service.

These being the conditions of using this system, citizens can still use all traditional forms of reporting and complaint of crimes provided by law.

List of crimes that can be reported on-line are on the right hand side of this page. Simply click on the complaint crime link which takes you through to the definition of the crime and description. If it applies to your situation, from there you can access a further link to the appropriate on line report form.

Please Note the following:

The owner/operator of the Sistema Queixa Electronica is the Ministério da Administração Interna. Safe Communities Algarve’s involvement is limited to helping non-Portuguese speaking people use this scheme by providing on-line links to the official MIA website and translation of documents into English to facilitate this process. In all circumstances the original official Portuguese wording shall take precedence over the English translation in terms of accuracy.


The phone numbers of the emergency lines are needed to improve the safety and health of people. These allow faster and / or immediate intervention of the respective entities in certain events, which occur or have just taken place.

If you want to report crime is happening now or has just occurred, then use the following contacts for faster response.

National Social Emergency Line – 144

Telephone line to situations of risk and social exclusion to work 24 hours and every day of the year to respond to any citizen at risk throughout the country, including children and abandoned elderly, being networked with other eight lines of social support as Pregnant SOS and SOS Children.

National Emergency Number / European number Relief – 112

The call is free and the service is accessible anywhere in the country and at any time, in case of sudden illness, accident or other situations such as urban fire or theft. For certain health situations the call is transferred to the Emergency Patients Guidance Center (CODU) of INEM – National Institute of Emergency Medicine.

Emergency Number for Fire Alert – 117

Free online alert service population to transmit fire warnings.

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