“Rail Action Day / Active Shield”

As part of the activities of the RAILPOL Counter-Terrorism Group (European Network of Railway Police Forces), the Public Security Police – which is part of this European Network – launched several national operations on 16 and 17 January, which has also been observed in several European cities – with the aim of combating crime in rail transport.

Between 07h00 on January 16th and 07h00 on January 17th, the PSP carried out several preventive actions in the various Commands served by public transport / metropolitan network in its area of ​​responsibility.

The railway / metropolitan lines of CP, Fertagus, Metropolitano de Lisboa, Metropolitano do Porto and Metropolitano de Almada were included in these operations, and 732 police officers were involved.

In 24 hours, 119 stations, 276 trains and 1245 people were inspected, with the following results:

  • 15 arrests (2 for drug trafficking, 2 for possession of illegal weapon, 5 for illegal immigration and 6 for other crimes);
  • Seized 2 weapons (1 firearm and 1 weapon), 121 doses of cocaine, 158 of heroin and 1 of hashish.