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Status: Active

Forest Settlement

Ref: 2022090024139

UPDATE: 12.15 hrs

The fire has just been brought to a Resolution stage according to ANEPC. “Fire with no danger of spreading beyond the perimeter” already reached”

A total of 326 operatives supported by 102 vehicles and three helicopters/fixed wing aircraft remain deployed.

UPDATE – 10h15 8th July 2022

Although still active, the National Civil Protection Authority has confirmed that the forest fire is under control. A total of 335 operatives supported by 104 vehicles and four aircraft/helicopters are deployed.

UPDATE 0930 hrs 8th July 2022

The fire remains active overnight. As at 0920 rs a total of 386 operatives supported by 120 vehicles and 3 aircraft/helicopters are deployed.

UPDATE 2300 hrs

The fire remains ACTIVE

A total of 370 operatives supported by 114 vehicles are deployed.

Although the wind has slowed down in the last few hours, strong gusts are expected during the night , which makes combat difficult and can lead to re-ignitions. The fire has already spread to the neighboring municipality of Águeda , where it is evolving with some intensity.

Aircraft have been withdrawn overnight.


The fire that broke out at 12:18 in a forested area in Sever do Vouga, in the district of Aveiro, is still active, with more than 300 people fighting the flames, a source from Civil Protection told Lusa.

“The fire remains active, with one of the fronts still causing some concern due to the difficulty of access”, said the commander of the District Operations and Relief Command (CDOS) of Aveiro, José Pinto, at 17:30.

In addition to the lack of access, firefighters are also experiencing difficulties with the strong wind that is felt in the area and which, according to José Pinto, could cause reactivations “in areas where the flames were already under control”.

“Our objective is that overnight the fire is resolved”, said the same official, adding that, for now, there are no houses in danger.

SITREP 1700 hrs

As at 1655 hrs the number of operatives had been considerably increased to 368, supported by 107 vehicles and six aircraft/helicopters


The fire is being fought by 253 operatives, supported by 73vehicles and seven fixed wing aircraft/helicopters

According to the Severan firefighters, the fire breaks out in a forest stand in a “critical zone”, but without endangering homes.

Speaking to Lusa, the commander of the District Center for Relief Operations (CDOS) of Aveiro, José Pinto, said that the fire has been raging around some villages, but the firefighters have managed to protect the populations.

The flames spread with intensity due to the wind that was felt, moving towards the municipality of Águeda, namely Ventoso, in the Union of Parishes of Préstimo and Macieira de Alcôba,

Temperatures in the afternoon above 30ºC and forecast at night above 20ºC

▶️Some wind in the afternoon (5km/h), but with a tendency to increase during the night (25km/h)

▶️Humidity will not go above 38%

It is, therefore, the first big fire of the summer in the region of Aveiro.


As at 1630 hrs there are a total of 1154 operatives fighting 31 fires (9 active, 5 in resolution and 17 in conclusion) supported by 328 vehicles and 17 aircraft/helicopters). in terms of air means this is around 28% of availability.