Following the information provided by the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere (IPMA), it expected, today, Friday, November 17, and during the next few days, it will be dry with an increase air in temperatures above the average for this time of year.


This will give rise to favourable conditions for the spread of rural fires in the event of a fire starting, as the country is experiencing a long period of drought and, in addition, there is still a large amount of combustible material accumulated and susceptible to rapid burning in forest areas.


In view of the meteorological forecasts and expected effects, it is imperative to adapt and adjust the individual behaviour to the rural fire risk that will take place over the next few days, as well as to adopt the appropriate precautionary measures to avoid occurrences associated with fires in rural areas.

For this reason, the ANPC recalls that, according to the legal provisions in force, for places where the fire risk index is higher than the HIGH level, it is it is forbidden to use fire for pasture renewal and stubble elimination, i.e. burn land.

For those places where the fire risk index is, or above the VERY HIGH level, it is still not permitted:

  • Make campfires for recreation, recreation or food confection;
  • Use flaring and combustion equipment for lighting or food confection;
  • Burning cut and mowed bushes or any type of leftovers;
  • Launch balloons with lit wick or any other type of rocket;
  • Smoking or fire of any kind in the forest spaces and crossing or surrounding pathways;
  • Fumigate or disinfect apiaries (beehives) with fumigators that are not equipped with sparking devices.

The ANPC also reminds everyone the precautions to be observed when carrying out agricultural and forestry work:

• Keep machines and equipment clean of oils and dust;
• Supply the machines cold and in a place with little vegetation;
• Avoid sparks  when handling them, avoid using them during periods of high heat.

When the fire risk is Low or Moderate it is still necessary to obtain the authorisation of the municipal council before lighting a fire to burn debris on the land.