The National Civil Protection Authority informs that, at 1830 hrs on 4th August 2018, the District Command of Relief Operations of Évora received an alert of rural fire at the place called Monte da Chapada, parish of São Brás de Cortiço, municipality of Estremoz.

There are six civilian victims. Two injured were evacuated by helicopter from INEM to hospitals in the region of Lisbon and four victims were transported by ambulance to the Espírito Santo Hospital of Évora. There is also a wounded Firefighter, who was assisted at the Estremoz Health Center by fatigue.

The rural fire progressed with great velocity due to the very strong wind at the place, a zone of grass, bushes and olive groves, with some scattered dwellings. It was given as dominated at 2100 hrs, ending at 22.35 hrs. In the theater of operations there are 86 Operational, supported by 29 Vehicles and 4 TA of Firemen’s Corps, Forestal Sapradores, GNR PSP, INEM, SMPC, Juntas Parish.

The National Civil Protection Authority renews the warning to the population, remembering the speed and velocity of the propagation of fires that occur with this type of meteorological conditions. These fires constitute an extreme threat for the safety of people and property. For this reason, we appeal to the citizens to take the utmost care and at all times, in this type of extreme situations, to protect themselves and to evacuate the place where they are in to absolute safety as required.