Safe Communities Portugal activated its response to this fire on 19 th of June 2020

PLEASE ENSURE – EVERYONE TAKES STEPS to avoid inadvertently causing a fire. Be aware of possible new fires. It´s easy to believe that all smoke comes from this fire in Aljezur but if you think it could be a new fire somewhere else, please look it up and call 112 if you can confirm new fire place.


The Faro Territorial Command, through the Environmental Protection Nucleus (NPA) of Portimão, yesterday, June 19, identified a 44-year-old man for starting a rural fire in Vilarinha, in the municipality of Aljezur.
The man was carrying out fuel management works, using a machine, when the equipment started to overheat after three hours of use, causing the emission of sparks from the exhaust, starting the fire.
In these circumstances, the man, who worked alone, alerted the authorities and even tried to extinguish the fire using a hose, however, given the steep slope of the terrain and the climatic conditions, he was not able to extinguish it, causing the fire.
The facts will be sent to the Lagos Judicial Court.
The vast majority of the fires recorded in the last year originated from fuel management work, burning of debris and leftovers.
GNR warns that carelessness in forest and agricultural spaces should be avoided and, in case of fire, immediately call 112, succinctly and accurately transmitting the location, the estimated size and the fastest way to the site.
SAFE COMMUNITIES has repeatedly advised on the safety when carrying fuel management works.
These should be read and followed. Details can be downloaded here:

PROGRESS BEING MADE – Some good news reported by the Civil Protection command at 0945 hrs is that fire is now at a RESOLUTION STAGE (under control) which means that the perimeter of the fire has been controlled and it is not spreading.

Abel Gomes 2nd in Command Civil Protection CDOS Faro announced

“It was a very busy night . We had a much more severe weather than we expected. The wind speed was higher than what was predicted, which made it difficult for the professionals to work”.

According to Abel Gomes, despite being dominated, “we still have sensitive points that give us concern”, since the wind “will continue strong, with gusts of 40 kph per hour, especially after lunchtime”.

“We can have the situation reverse at any time. We are aware that we are going to have projections created by re-activations that will happen during the day”, he admitted.

“Much work still awaits us. Weather conditions can change at any time. When we consider the fire to be under control, what we mean is that we have means throughout the perimeter of the fire and it is expected that it will not exceed it”

The fire is being fought by 462 operatives, supported by 141 vehicles and two helicopters and three fixed wing aircraft. Additional resources have also arrived from Santarem.

To avoid the worst, the “resources will remain in place because we will have work for the next few days», he added. The Mata do Barão de São João is an area “that gives us a lot of concern”, he emphasised.



As at 0645 Hrs the operation to fight the fire has been reinforced overnight with the arrival of fire fighters from Beja, Setubal and Lisbon, as well as resources from the Algarve. This has brought the total to 481 operatives supplemented by 144 vehicles. Air craft were with drawn overnight but will return this morning.

The strong wind, with gusts of 50 kph, has hampered the work of the operational personnel on the spot.
On a hill in Barranco Novo, in Vila do Bispo, a dozen prefabricated houses were burned although the residents managed to escape.
In the locality, access is difficult. Flames fighting has been carried out by Vila do Bispo GNR and residents. During the afternoon, about 40 people were taken away from home as a precaution. They are housed in the village of Pedralva and in the fire station.

The fire forced the cutting of national roads 268, between Bordeira and Vila do Bispo, and 125, in the Burgau area, also in Vila do Bispo.

Photo:Diccon Scrivens


The fire at 2200 HRS is still active and classified as a Major Incident. It is being fought by 381 operatives supported by 114 vehicles. All aircraft have been withdrawn because of night fall.
The fire has three active fronts and has already forced the removal of about 30, 40 people, from scattered houses and motor homes. All of these people were displaced to the village of Pedralva.
According to SIC, “reinforcements of land resources” have already been requested from other districts.
The situation is being hampered by wind conditions.

New photo by SIC shows situation at 2204 hrs tonight



Photo:Jane Yianni

Estrada Nacional 268, which connects the municipalities of Vila do Bispo and Aljezur and passes through Carrapateira, is ” subject to traffic control by the GNR.
A total of 353 operatives supported by 105 vehicles and 11 helicopters /aircraft are deployed.

NOTE: This is the highest deployment for a single fire so far this year in the country.Estrada Nacional 268, which connects the municipalities of Vila do Bispo and Aljezur and passes through Carrapateira, is ” subject to traffic control by the GNR.

A total of 316 operatives supported by 94 vehicles and 11 helicorters /aircraft are deployed.



At this time the number of deployments has increased to 274 including 68 GNR of whom 43 are GIPPS first response teams. Seven aircraft and 4 helicopters deployed.



Motor homes and “people in homes scattered on the line of fire” that broke out at 1255 hrs have been removed to Aldeia da Pedralva. The information has just been provided by Vítor Vaz Pinto, district commander of Civil Protection of the Algarve.

According to Abel Gomes, second district commander, “25 to 30 people” were removed in a preventive manner from “scattered dwellings”. The fire has two active fronts, none of which have terrestrial access. The wind has been a difficulty in fighting the fire, foreseeing “gusts of 70 kilometers per hour”, said Vaz Pinto.


Currently there are 274 personnel supported by 80 vehicles and 11 aircraft/helicopters fighting the fire. Photos from FB Albertina Moi and from SCP FB page by Veronica Moody (the more distant one about an hour ago from Espiche) A number of people in the Lagos area will see smoke due to the wind direction but the fire location is a long way to the north west.



A rural fire has broken out at 1255 hrs at the above location. As at 1445 hrs a total of 111 personnel were engaged, plus 31 vehicles, two helicopters and two aircraft. The location of the start of the fire is 37,161642 and -8.855628

The fire is a bush area some distance from properties. Civil protection state that here is no information that any properties are threatened. The direction of the wind is moving the fire towards the north west boundary of Lagos municipality. The wind in the area is around 26 knots

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