On 26th September 2016 a national protocol was signed in Lisbon by the National Director of the Polícia de Segurança Pública (PSP), Chief Superintendent Luís Farinha and President of Safe Communities Portugal, David Thomas. The protocol provides a framework in which the two organisations will work together in the area of crime prevention on a national basis.

During the ceremony which was held at the PSP National Headquarters in Lisbon, in front of senior police officers and other guests, the National Director stressed the importance of police public engagement and the work of Safe Communities.

David Thomas praised the PSP in putting the community at the heart of their work, through their special programs, visible policing and other initiatives. This helps build confidence in and trust of police.

The protocol extends the work of Safe Communities throughout the country, through close collaboration with the PSP at all levels. This includes the sharing of information and dissemination of the PSP’s work to all areas of the community. This also provides a regular forum for the sharing of ideas and best practices.