Safe Communities Portugal is constantly striving to form partnerships with organizations that are promoting crime prevention and other ways of helping to keeping their communities safe.

Consequently we have now established a partnership with the community security project Azeitão+Seguro.

Despite some natural differences, both entities share the same values and principles:

  • The rule of law;
  • The engagement of local communities in their security;
  • Cooperation with public authorities;
  • Complementarity with the actions of public bodies.

Azeitão+Seguro is a community security project based in Azeitão region, in Setúbal municipality, just south of Lisbon. Through the engagement of the local community and cooperation with the relevant social stakeholders, its goal is to improve and promote Azeitão’s security in order to keep this region a secure place to live, work and visit.

The partnership with Azeitão+Seguro consists, essentially, in the sharing of relevant information related to criminal activity and modi operandi, experiences of each project, best security practices and advice and the most important police activity. In the future, this partnership may evolve to other areas of common interest.

For more details about Azeitão+Seguro, visit the website or its Facebook page