In a major step forward in the development of Safe Communities Portugal (SCP), national protocols have been signed between the association and the Autoridade Nacional de Protectҫao Civil (ANPC) (National Authority for Civil Protection) and Serviҫo de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras (SEF).

Both events took place on 10th December 2015 in separate signing ceremonies held at the organisation’s respective headquarters in Lisbon. The SEF protocol was signed by the National Director António Pereira and the ANPC protocol by the President, Major General Francisco Grave Pereira.

The protocols reflect the increasing interaction between SCP and the ANPC and SEF developed initially in the Algarve over the last two to three years. In the case of the ANPC much of this synergy has involved SCP become increasingly involved in creating greater awareness in the foreign community concerning wildfire prevention. This been achieved though communication using, the Association’s websites, social media and at displays and seminars.

In terms of SEF, regular liaison has taken place to help the organization promote its work through the same means as for the ANPC. With the growing threat of terrorism in Europe and the increasing problems of migration it makes sense to form closer links with the organization responsible for border control.

Both protocols cover, the development of joint initiatives to further closer engagement with the foreign community, clarifying issues of interest to that community, the holding of joint events and promoting awareness of government policies, procedures and other news.

In January this year SCP signed a national