The “Safe Village Segura” and “Safe People” Program is already being implemented in 700 villages in the 189 municipalities that have risky parishes in the area of ​​forest fire protection.

700 Village Security Officers were identified and 350 shelter / refuge locations identified. The Village Security Officer’s mission is to send warnings to the population, organize the evacuation of the cluster in case of need and raise awareness among the population.

Evacuation routes are also being identified posted in the population centres, and 260 evacuation plans have been drawn up. As of today, the distribution of self-protection kits will be intensified by the villages, as well as the signage to indicate the evacuation routes.

More than 10,000 people were involved in the awareness-raising activities carried out on the ground.

The implementation of the “Safe Villages” and “Safe People” Program is the result of a protocol signed between the National Civil Protection Authority (ANPC), the National Association of Portuguese Municipalities (ANMP) and the National Association of Parishes (ANAFRE).

In this combination of efforts between the Central Authority and Local Authority, it is intended:

– To encourage the participation of the populations and to reinforce the collective conscience that the protection and the security are the responsibilities of all;

– Support local authorities in order to promote more security;

– Contribute to the safeguarding of people and property;

– Implement strategies for the protection of population groups against rural fires;

– Create dynamics and habits based on the concept of self-protection;

– Familiarize the populations with the appropriate behaviours to observe in case of evacuation or confinement, training them for this purpose;

– Raise awareness for the adoption of practices and behaviours that minimize the risk of rural fire and increase the safety of communities.

For an effective and simple implementation of the program, ANPC has developed an Implementation Support Guide – .com / download-files / .aspx file v = 7b53bbc8-f205-4a59-9e43-b3e59b9217bc?   – so that, together with the municipalities and parishes, the measures are in progress swiftly adapted to local conditions.

Around 1 million leaflets with self-protection measures were distributed among several public entities. The brochure is also being delivered to the 640,000 households in the priority parishes. An information campaign on television, radio and social networks is also under way.

Safe Communities Portugal has translated leaflets for the MAI, and several thousand are available through the CDOS and municipal civil protection offices. These can be obtained from Safe Communities Portugal.