On 12th February the Territorial Command of Aveiro, through the Territorial Office of Canedo, yesterday, arrested two men, aged between 34 and 43 years, for robbing the 85-year-old woman in Santa Maria da Feira.

The robbery took place in the victim’s home, with the two suspects entering their residence, forcing her to reveal where she kept the money, through assaulting her in the face. As a result they stole 150 euros in cash and a mobile phone, and then fled.

After obtaining the information of the occurrence of the robbery, the GNR carried out a police operation in order to locate the suspects. After a few minutes, the suspects were detected inside a commercial establishment in the immediate vicinity of the victim’s residence The uspects were in possession of the stolen goods and were immediately detained.

The detainees will be present at the Judicial Court of Santa Maria da Feira, on 14th February.