The search to find the 13-year-old teenager missing since Friday, from Ponte de Lima, was extended to the district of Aveiro, and the Judiciary Police of Braga was alerted, according to a GNR source.

According to a source from the Territorial Command of the GNR of Viana do Castelo, the district of Aveiro was identified through the request of cellular location made by that police force.

“Through the mobile phone of the minor, the request for cellular location has identified the district of Aveiro. We have informed the Territorial Command of Aveiro to try and more accurately pin point the area,” the source said.

The same source revealed that “there are reports”, still unconfirmed, that the child will have caught a bus bound for Braga.

The 13-year-old girl, who lives in the parish of Beiral do Lima, “took a school bus on Friday morning to go to class but did not show up at school.”

The authorities’ warning was given at around 8:00 pm by the parents of the minor, “who” cannot explain what happened. ”

The Territorial Command of the GNR of Viana do Castelo said that the military involved in the operation “continue to gather information from relatives and friends of the child”, who “has apparently taken this decision of her own free will.”

The data of the adolescent “are already included in the database of people given as missing”.