MAI is defining set of requirements that can lead to the temporary closure of the activity without waiting for processes to be completed, leading to provisional injunction and discotheques closed

After the Urban Beach case nothing will stay the same in the area of ​​private security at night spaces. The Minister of Internal Affairs wants to bring changes to the Private Security Law to the Assembly of the Republic early next year, with proposals aimed at closer inspection of the sector and less cases of companies and security involved in serious acts, namely violent situations.

“It will defined a set of requirements that may, in serious circumstances, determine provisionally, either the suspension of business activity or the suspension of activity by the security professionals employed,” said Eduardo Cabrita yesterday, outside the meeting with the Security Council Private (CSP), a consultative body of the minister, which brings together all authorities, from the PSP, GNR, SEF, PJ, associations and unions in the private security sector.

This claim of Eduardo Cabrita is reflected on the same day that the Administrative Court rejected the injunction ordered by the owners of the discotheque of Lisbon to cancel the provisional closure of the operations decreed by the Ministry of Internal Administration, after the disclosure of the images that show the aggressions of three security guards to two individuals at Urban’s door in the early hours of Halloween, November 1.

The revision of the law should also focus on “a clear distinction between what is involved in the intervention of public security and the powers of private security”. It should be remembered that the security guards at that club were accused in following the assaults, which they themselves justified on the grounds that the two young men, one with a police record, would be there “to steal.”

Eduardo Cabrita also argued that it is necessary to “intensify the joint responsibility” of private security companies and those who hire these services. Once again, in the Urban case, security was guaranteed by PSG, but group K, owner of the security company, could not ignore that there were 38 complaints against the nightclub this year, almost all due to violence exercised by vigilantes, but also by acts discriminatory or racism at the door. Source Diarios de Noticais