The Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) carried out a surveillance operation at the Chaves city’s road terminals, which aimed at identifying passengers from European Union countries with documentation irregularities.

The action culminated in the interception of several undocumented foreign citizens, who were conducted for full identification to the SEF facilities at Vila Real.

From the analysis of the situation of each of the foreign citizens, it has been confirmed that one of them is an applicant for international warrant from Italy, and SEF will request their deportation under the Dublin Convention.

Of the other citizens it was possible to confirm the existence of expressions of interest presented under the terms of no. 2 of article 88 of the Aliens Law, some of them with a positive opinion issued by SEF and that their identification documents were elsewhere in the possession of family, friends or bosses.

Six citizens were detained for illegal stay in Portugal, and were presented yesterday to the judicial authority to apply coercive measures. Citizens were detained by judicial determination in a temporary Installation Center, where they await the further terms of the process of removal from national territory.

This is the second situation detected in the month of January involving the same circumstances, and in the first one, recorded about fifteen days before, eleven foreign citizens were detained

None of the foreign nationals detected in these two situations had, at the time of the interception, their passports. In view of the situations detected, SEF is analysing these migratory flows and the circumstances involved, in particular establishing the way in which foreign citizens have been contacted and transported