It was reported on 25th July that the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) carried out a series of operations in the course of a criminal investigation investigating crimes of aid to illegal immigration and pimping, which culminated in the detention of four national citizens, aged between 34 years and 53 years.

In the control actions that took place in the north of the country, in Vila Nova de Gaia, carried out by 35 inspectors of the SEF. sixteen households and 3 commercial establishments were searched, in which 13 foreign citizens were identified. Of these, 3 were in an illegal situation in the country, and 1 was notified to leave Portugal immediately and two were arrested and present in court.

In the search they seized large amounts of money, not yet quantifiable, several documents that reflect the modus operandi of the criminal group, the activities of favouring the entry and illegal stay of foreign citizens in the country and the large profits that they obtained from the exploitation of the practice of prostitution.

The four citizens arrested yesterday were present at the Court of Criminal Investigation of Porto that determined as coercive measures: three-week presentation to the main suspect and biweekly presentation to the other defendants. A ban on contact with the women in the establishment was established for all.