The Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) detected eight false or falsified documents at the Lisbon airport on 24 Septemberl, six of which were identified at the border of the Schengen Area and two at the exit.

Early in the morning, one of the first flights landing in Lisbon and coming from São Tomé, with stopover in Accra, detected two male passengers with fraudulent documentation. One of them presented a counterfeit Mauritius passport and the other a passport from the Republic of Korea where the original biographical page was replaced by a fake page. The latter document also contained false border stamps.

On another flight from Rio de Janeiro, a passenger was identified who used a French passport. It was a young woman whose final destination was Italy.

Already at mid-morning, on the arrival of the flight from Caracas, three more passengers, all men, with falsified documents. They presented the border authorities with passports from Germany, Norway and France, all of them with similar frauds: replacing a genuine biographical page with a false one.

During that day, two foreign nationals were also detained, when they presented to the SEF, at the exit border, Brazilian passports containing false border stamps, with which they intended to travel to Brasilia.