It was announced on 1st August by a SEF union representative that the SEF Inspectors have decided to suspend strike action because they have reached an agreement with government. They had demanded equal treatment with the PSP and GNR.

In mid-July, inspectors announced several strikes if the Government did not find a solution to end “discrimination” compared to the GNR and PSP in respect of the General Labour Law on Civil Servants. According to the president of the Research Career Union and Monitoring of Foreigners and Borders Service ( SCIF / SEF), Acacio Pereira, the law has allowed the inspectors to be treated “in a discriminatory manner on issues such as evaluation of the performance, availability and even administrative practices.” The law equates inspectors to other civil servants and are not assigned the exception status granted to the other two security forces. Thus, an officer of the PSP or GNR working under the European Agency for borders (Frontex) “receives compensation at 100% while a SEF inspector receives 60 % of that.

After several meetings, the union reached an agreement with the government on Wednesday and therefore decided to suspend the strike, “state secretaries of Interior and Public Administration undertook to recommend to Council of Ministers measures to end discrimination “.

The action planned for August would have resulted in severe disruption at airports at the peak of the tourist season.