The number of hashish and ecstasy seized in Portugal rose almost 200% last year, while heroin and cocaine decreased 41.1% and 82.7%, respectively, according to the Annual Internal Security Report (RASI) 2016.

Compared with 2015, there was an increase of 192.7% in the amount of hashish seized, with ecstasy registering an increase of 197.4% in quantity. There was also an increase in ecstasy (+ 56.7%), hashish (+ 12%), cocaine (+ 4.5%) and heroin (+ 1.5%).

In total, 5,861 people were arrested for trafficking in narcotics, the majority being male and 483 female.

In terms of nationalities, 664 of the detainees have foreign nationality, which, according to the RASI, demonstrates the “transnational character of the phenomenon.”

Compared to 2015, there was a 5.3% increase in the total number of detainees.

Regarding the drug routes seized, the report says that there were no significant changes compared to previous years, with heroin continuing to reach Portugal through other European countries.

“Hashish continues to be mostly from Morocco and cocaine from South America,” the report said.

On the other hand, data from the crime reported indicate that crimes related to narcotics increased by more than 614 participations, which means a variation of 9.2% more than in 2015.

Overall, there was a reduction of 7,1% in general criminality, which means that 330,872 crimes were committed against 356,032 in 2015, as the Justice Minister announced at the end of the meeting of the Higher Council of Internal security

Serious and violent crime decreased by 11.6% in 2016, resulting in a reduction from 18,964 cases to 16,761, or 2203 occurrences. Source Jornel de Noticais