The Judiciary Police announced on 19th May that it had arrested in Beja a seventh member of the group suspected of several crimes of robbery using violence and weapons in the Alentejo region in 2016.

In a statement sent to the Lusa news agency, the PJ South Board explains that the 38-year-old man has been “working together” with six other men aged between aged 21 and 57 who were arrested on 22nd March, also in Beja, on suspicion of 12 crimes of robbery using violence and firearms and seven other robberies.

The man was identified and detained on Wednesday “for the alleged practice of various crimes of robbery and multiple thefts,” pursuant to an arrest warrant issued by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Ferreira do Alentejo, in the district of Beja. The operation was conducted jointly with the GNR and PSP.

The suspect was subjected to a first judicial interrogation at the Court of Ferreira do Alentejo on Wednesday, Lusa news agency reported.

According to the Judiciary, during the year 2016, in the Baixo Alentejo, the seven suspects, “resorting to physical violence and the use of firearms”, attacked individuals in isolated areas or entered their homes, forcing them to surrender their money, gold, cell phones and various objects.

“Also taking advantage of the lack of surveillance,” the suspects broke down doors and windows to enter homes and warehouses and seize valuables.

The first six men detained were subjected to judicial interrogation at the Court of Ferreira do Alentejo on March 23, which ordered the detention measures